Bold City Chiropractic

Your spine is the lifeline for all of your body’s functions. The spine is a key element to healing as it protects your central nervous system — the system that connects your entire body, helping it to communicate and react to daily stressors and illnesses. Improper spinal alignment is common and can be caused by both physical and emotional challenges. Spinal misalignment diminishes nerve supply and weakens the body, increasing the risk of pain, illness, and reduced life-longevity. Aligning your spine and correcting abnormalities caused by stress or injury maximizes your nerve supply and clears pathways to enhance healing naturally. By optimizing nerve supply through spinal correction, the body’s systems can naturally interact and integrate without interference.


Monday: 8a - 10a & 3p - 6p
Tuesday: 3p - 6p
Wednesday: 7:30a - 9a & 12p - 3p
Thursday: 3p - 6p
Friday: 8a - 10a
Saturday: 8a - 9:30a


Bold City Fitness

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or an athlete who wants a boost. We rely on cutting-edge sports science to give you the same tools used by the world’s best athletes, including Functional Interval Training (F.I.T.), designed to optimize hormonal and energy systems.

F.I.T. Class Schedule

Monday: 7:30a & 5:30p
Wednesday: 7:30a
Thursday: 5:30p
Friday: 7:30a

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